“…recalls tragic, dark tales from Australian history with a strange sort of snarled beauty.”- Tom Ravenscroft – New Statesmen

“Sometimes cussedness is an essential virtue for musicians. The Doomed Bird Of Providence’s Mark Kluzek oozes cussedness like sweat. He’s an Australian in exile, assembling a group of Brit players to realise his singleminded vision, which involves Kluzek barking out blacker than black tales of horror and misery from Australia’s early history. Blind Mouths Eat is his second bulletin from the festering underbelly of 19th century Oz.” – The Wire

“Uncompromising and at times uncomfortable, these songs remove the usual safety nets and aren’t afraid to change the rules. They are becoming one of the bands that you don’t want to miss.” – Americana-UK

“Think Nick Cave, Matt Elliott’s solo work, or one of the Constellation droners singing dark folk songs of horror and misery from Australian history.” – Norman Records

“Gripping and astonishingly grim music” – Sounds XP

“Dark yet strangely beautiful and phenomenally powerful, ‘Blind Mouths Eat’ is an album to ponder, to agonise over and to clutch your plague-ridden guts to.” – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’

“There’s a need to hold hands with the almost dead and this album does it in the most beautiful/ugly way ever.” – Freq