Say, it’s the end of the year

A brief note – thanks very much to reviewers and DJs that supported The Doomed Bird of Providence’s fourth album – A Flight Across Arnhem Land. We were pretty proud of this release.

Thanks to Davey Graney/ 3PBS, 4ZZZ, Sun-13, Monolith Cocktail, Neil Rogers/3RRR, Freq Magazine, Kerosene/KFUEL, Jan Willem Broek/De Subjectivisten, African Paper, Lee Ashcroft/One Man Underground, Lee Fisher/Narc Magazine, Club Integral/Resonance FM, Mawkish Twaddle/KSFX FM, Space is the Place Radio Show/CandoFM & Culture as a Dare/TakTent Radio.

Thanks also to Stagger Lee, Monolith Cocktail & De Subjectivisten for sticking us on their end of year lists!

Thanks to Judi Kuepper Dransfield who was amazing to work with and produced some incredible art for the 2022 releases. Thanks to Mark Beazley for his always outstanding mastering. Thanks also to Simon Finn and 10 to 1 Records.

I think the band did an amazing job on the release. In addition to the band I should thank Flake Brown who played some wonderful guitar on this one.

Thank you if you are a fan and supported us. It’s really appreciated. More to come in 2023.