BEL by Katie English & Mark Kluzek

BEL is an EP of four string quartets composed by Katie English & Mark Kluzek.

They turned to the wonderful musicians Maria Grigoryeva and Natalia Nazarova to perform the pieces.

The four compositions had their beginnings as responses to the Nebuchadnezzar series of paintings by Australian artist Arthur Boyd. The paintings, which explore the story in Daniel of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream are also tied to personal themes of Boyd’s, including much of what he was seeing in the news and day-to-day whilst he resided in sixties London. Inspired by this, Kluzek was motivated to create works that initially were loose piano sketches. From there, he took the piano pieces and repurposed them as cello and viola lines for the scores. English, in response, wrote the violin lines. This typically followed a very simple brief from Kluzek based on themes in the Boyd paintings. The violin lines, varied in the style and harmonic structure, sit alongside but contrast to Kluzek’s approach, creating a sort of tension within the pieces.

Available as a download or CD with hand printed design by Katie. Limited to 50 copies.

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