Out today – The Doomed Bird of Providence – A Flight Across Arnhem Land

Today is the release day for The Doomed Bird of Providence’s fourth album – A Flight Across Arnhem Land.

The idea was to create short concise songs where the lyrics were pulled directly from early 20th century Australian newspapers. Stories of errant flights across the desert, cold case murders and mysterious deaths, drug smuggling and a snake charmer killed by his own snakes.

All the songs are taken verbatim from these actual news reports.


Ian Hothersall – percussion
Mark Kluzek – accordion, vocals, bass, piano, trumpet
Rachel Laurence – viola
Katie English – flute, glockenspiel, cello
Richard Acton – guitar
Drew Barker – ukulele, melodica
Flake Brown – guitar
Barry Butcher – mechanical sound, tuba
Joolie Wood – violin
Simon Finn – guitar, banjolin
Cameron Selby – clarinet

Judi Dransfield Kuepper did the artwork for the release and the single (Ransoms for Cars). Judi is known, amongst other things, for her amazing artwork on Laughing Clowns and Ed Kuepper releases.

Buy the release here

A limited number of physical copies are available also.