Pre-order The Doomed Bird of Providence’s fourth album – A Flight Across Arnhem Land

The Doomed Bird of Providence present their fourth album, A Flight Across Arnhem Land. It marks a significant departure from the band’s last album, 2017’s Burrowed into the Soft Sky. Where that album was two extended instrumental pieces exploring early Australian colonial times, the new release is a collection of 16 short pieces that all contain vocals.

Found text was used as the starting point for every song. The texts themselves were sourced from Australian newspapers from the 20s and 30s. Thematically the album sits around stories drawn from this period in Australia. Band leader Mark Kluzek looked for stories that were open-ended or unresolved. Common themes started to arise, missing airplanes, cold case murders and curious, out-of-the-ordinary incidents.

The album artwork was by Judi Dransfield Kuepper who has done, amongst other things, most of the artwork and design for Ed Kuepper and Laughing Clowns.

The release is available as a download and a limited physical release which includes a CD, 14 page booklet and news report image on card sitting in a sliding matchbox style case.

Pre-order the release today over at Bandcamp

Release date July 1, 2022