The Doomed Bird of Providence – The Bell of the Jardines/The Death Flurry

The Bell of the Jardines/The Death Flurry single is now available as download only on The Doomed Bird of Providence’s Bandcamp page. This was released as a very limited cd on Front & Follow with Peter Aldrich’s wonderful image on the front. The Death Flurry was the first Doomed Bird song proper but didn’t show up on the first ep or album. The Bell of the Jardines has the wonderful viola and voice of Rachel Laurence.

The Death Flurry was originally inspired by Harry Robertson’s song Norfolk Whalers from the 1971 album Whale Chasing Men. It also took some inspiration from the Oswald Brierly painting The Death Flurry.

The Bell of the Jardines was inspired by the story of Frank Jardine and the ship’s bell he used to attract passing ships from the very remote location of Somerset in north Queensland.

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