The Doomed Bird Of Providence’s self-titled EP from 2009

As Justin gradually winds down Front & Follow, The Doomed Bird of Providence are moving over their Bandcamp music to their own page. The first one to be added is the first EP, released in 2009.

The EP originally came about through idea’s Mark had after reading The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes and listening to a lot of Jacques Brel. It was originally released as a very small run cd (30-40 copies) on Laily Recordings. It was later put out, digitally only, on Front & Follow.

Two of the songs (Dorothy Handland, Brothers We will Be) took their inspiration from The Fatal Shore. Bells in the Dead of Night came from an old book of Australian ghosts stories and Letter from Van Dieman’s Land came from another old book that explained (in a very far fetched way) the Red Barn Murder.

All available now for your listening pleasure over at