The Others

6-8 Manor Road

Stoke Newington


N16 5SA

Thursday June 7th 8.30 pm £5/£3

DUKE GARWOOD, ANNA HOMLER AND SYLVIA HALLETT, THE DOOMED BIRD OF PROVIDENCE, THE WINDSORS.  With live video projections from Rucksack Cinema, and deranged deck action from DJ Jules Webbcore.

DUKE GARWOOD Duke Garwood’s first paid musical job was back in the late 80s playing guitar on The Orbs seminal Perpetual Dawn taken from their debut album co-produced by Youth. Nearly twenty years and many musical wanderings later Duke Garwood completed a circle by releasing an album on Youths new label Butterfly Recordings. Garwood’s first album Holy Week came out to great critical acclaim in 2005. Q magazine described it as making Will Oldham sound like Engelbert Humperdinck. His follow up Emerald Palace was recorded in a log cabin on the wooded slopes of Box Hill over two scorching days and nights in the mid-summer of 2005. Garwood and his long time drummer/percussionist-Paul May laid down some 40 tracks of which 18 were finally chosen for his new release.   2009 saw Duke release his first releases on Fire. The first album, “The Sand That Falls” saw Duke continue with his rootsy approach to music making with more than a handful of drone and sprawl to accompany his lone guitar. The album was preceded by the ‘He Was A Warlock’ EP, which demonstrated Duke’s fondness of releasing tracks with more than a hint of melody such as ‘Rise A Woman’, and Each Man Sparkles amidst his more sparse, experimental numbers.   Duke is back for 2011 with his long awaited album ‘Dreamboatsafari’. Already being heralded by press including 4/5 by NME and featuring delights such as soothing ‘Summer Gold’, this promises to be Duke’s most focussed and effective record yet. Garwood has regularly worked with Mark Lanegan and the two musicians are planning an album together this year. He was also invited to play at the Ray Davies Meltdown Festival on the South Bank in 2011.

ANNA HOMLER AND SYLVIA HALLETT Anna Homler has collaborated in America with Randy Greif, Steve Roden, David Moss, Ethan James and Steve Peters, and in Europe with Steve Beresford, Peter Kowald, Richard Sanderson and Sylvia Hallett. Her debut CD Do Ya Sa Di Do was released in 1992. 1995’s Macaronic Sines was a collaboration with Geert Waegeman and Pavel Fajt. Since the mid-90s she has recorded with Voices Of Kwahn, a solo House Of Hands, Kelpland Serenades with Steuart Liebig, and Piewacket with Stephanie Payne. “A singer who can take the audience by the hand and lead them along the weird path between atmospherics and surreal humour… A witch with a few home-brewed spells and a ray gun.” – Resonance Magazine   Sylvia Hallett has been dividing her time between improvising and composing music for dance and theatre companies. She is currently working with dancer Eva Karczag, h2dance and Wonderful Beast. She regularly performs solo (London – Cafe Oto, Vortex; Spain – Museo Wolf Vostell, 2011) or in duos with Clive Bell (CD: The Geographers) or Mike Adcock (Reduced, 2011). Three solo albums have appeared on Mash and Emanem. “Music about intimacy rather than self-advertisement; cultivation of a wondering ear for sounds than display of technical flash…Hallett steers into the domain of cosmic rock, then back-pedals to a soundworld adjacent to the one mapped by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in its pioneering phase.” – The Wire

THE DOOMED BIRD OF PROVIDENCE Recounting stories from the dusty, obscure corners of colonial times, UK-based The Doomed Bird of Providence set off on an exploration of early Australian history, darkly probing its more abject and harrowing aspects. The resulting music is brooding, dramatic and heavily indebted to Ennio Morricone, Jacques Brel, Scott Walker and the English Folk Revival. Buttressed by accordion, ukulele, bass, guitar and violin, Australian singer and writer Mark Kluzek rants and laments the death and degeneracy of settlers and convicts alike in this hostile, unrelenting environment. The band feature members of Dead Rat Orchestra and Extreme Noise Terror. They have released four recordings since 2009 on CD and as download on the Laily and Front and Follow labels, and released their first album  “Will Ever Pray” on Front and Follow in 2011.   “Australia’s most enchanting new band” – Tom Ravenscroft, New Statesman/6 Music   “Will Ever Pray is the most original, challenging but ultimately rewarding album that you’ll likely to hear all year” – Pennyblack Music   “Genuinely original… astonishingly good” 10/10 – Americana UK   “an absolutely superb collection of folk tales… another gem from the Front & Follow label” – Fluid Radio   “nautical murder ballads, performed with Grand Guignol verve, as if The Tiger Lilies were slowed to a funereal plod… Death is only a verse away.” – Clive Bell, The Wire, April 2011   “Will Ever Pray is an intense and immersive listen and quite unlike anything else I’ve heard so far this year” – Folly of Youth

THE WINDSORS The Windsors are the offspring of the seminal nineties instrumental group Kenny Process Team. In the late nineties, on the albums ‘Surfin’’ and the later ‘Trav’lin’ Light’ (recorded live in Leeds), Kenny Process Team produced a strikingly original brand of instrumental music: at once naïve and complex, ingeniously and eccentrically crafted, with sly nods to a host of influences – African Pop, ‘Surf’, and Captain Beefheart being only the most frequently cited. The Kenny Process Team received considerable acclaim for their intricately honed compositions, the N.M.E, no less, going so far as to proclaim in its editorial “record companies should stop giving their money to Oasis and give it to the Kenny Process Team instead”.   Long time K.P.T. bassist Matt Armstrong and guitarist Simon King are joined by Paul May (drums) and Phil Bartai (keyboards) to make up The Windsors. The band formed in 2011 to arrange and perform the melodies of Kenny’s tunesmith Kev Plummer alongside band compositions. From their distinguished origins, The Windsors are quickly developing their own unique musical perspective, blending Plummer’s gently nostalgic tunes in quirky and unusual structures to create a new kind of music- a Booker T. and the M.G.’s for the 21st century.

JULES WEBBCORE Club Integral DJ Jules Webbcore has a long history in underground British music, going back to 1978 when he formed avant-garde pop group English Subtitles, who released two singles and an album on Small Wonders Records. In ’81 he formed seven piece punk jazz band Gorp who released an album and a short film, and in ’84 founded Fever Records, releasing records by My Bloody Valentine, Edward Barton and Gasrattle among others. He went on to form Kill Ugly Pop who made it onto the front cover of Sounds and featured high in the Independent Video Charts with a trashy video shot in the old Synagogue in Brixton. He subsequently became a member of Gasrattle, playing guitar and saxophone, at the same time as touring Europe with Kill Ugly Pop alongside Bongwater. He started Grimetime with his freind Shend (Cravats) and released two singles and an album on Kill City Records. He then joined trash rockabilly band Naked Ruby on guitar, who released an album Nothin’ But Dirty Lowdown Trash on Go Baby Go Records. Jules set up South London Slags at The Ritzy, Brixton, putting on film and live music, and has been a regular DJ for Kroon Kat Lounge, Go Baby and Nasty Grind playing obscure lounge, R’n’B, Soul, ska, garage punk and rock and roll. He is a resident Club Integral DJ alongside Chris Cornetto and Katrina Townend, where he plays a heady mix of avant-garde progressive rock, wild exotica, soundtracks, weird jazz and obscure library music.

RUCKSACK CINEMA Rucksack Cinema a.k.a. Jaime Rory Lucy has been supplying delirious, innovative live video imagery for Club Integral and other events since 2007. His astonishing and almost preternatural ability to mix imagery with what is happening on stage as well as creating strange and wonderful atmospheres throughout a room has made him an intrinsic part of any Club Integral event. Jaime had a long history working in the music industry as a tour manager for many groups of notoriety throughout the eighties and nineties, before retiring from the road to become an East End flaneur art fag par excellence.  He has worked in venues as various as Whitechapel Gallery, Hackney Empire and Cafe Oto with artists as diverse as Fred Frith, Spaceheads, Graham Massey and Eugene Chadbourne. He has recorded videos for many artists, most recently for Orchestre Murphy for their nomination in 2010 for the Art Foundation Music Awards. In his spare time he has also been known to add his bass profundo to a punk choir active on the east London bohemian scene.