These Are End Times, The Doomed Bird of Providence & Polly Preacher in Ipswich 10/11


At this, our last show of the year, we play with two very fine acts – These Are End Times & Polly Preacher.  I have been told by Jason from Antigen that this show is likely to sell out so if you are thinking of coming along it is recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of the show.

The Doomed Bird will be playing both songs from our last album Burrowed Into the Soft Sky.

Saturday, November 10, 2018
8:00 PM  11:30 PM
The Smokehouse
6 South Street, Ipswich, IP1 3NU

The Smokehouse


Ipswich Gigs


Simon King

Photograph- Katja Heber (

I met Simon King numerous times when The Doomed Bird of Providence played at Club Integral nights.  He was always very encouraging and generous with his words about the band which I appreciated a lot.  I say without reservation that I wish I knew him better than I did.  He has passed away which is very sad news.  He was a very talented, inventive musician and played in a lot of great bands.  I saw a number of them at Club Integral nights including The Windsors which I took some footage of one night:

There is a justgiving page – donations going towards paying for his funeral.


We had a great time thanks.

Just finished playing at the Betsey Trotwood.  A really fun show with Doomed Bird Mark playing with Michael Plater (pictured),  Michael also playing some great new material, the Doomed Bird playing Fedicia Exine for the first time ever and Charlie Marshall putting on a sterling show.  Lot of heckling which was great.  Both Michael Plater and Charlie Marshall are off around Britain and Europe on divergent paths.  So check them out if they are in your town!



Thank you Betsey sound guy João. Awesome attention to detail.



Friday 28/9 – The Doomed Bird of Providence in London with Charlie Marshall and Michael Plater

Betsey Trotwood poster

This is a show with a difference.  We are playing with two Australian singer/song writers who are both touring about Europe.  This should be a really great show.

Listen to Charlie who also used to play in legendary Australian band Harem Scarem.  He’s also done work with folk from Dirty Three and The Avalanches.

Also have a listen to Michael – he has some brilliant songs and did a sterling show the last time he performed in London.

The Doomed Bird of Providence will be a smaller unit and we’ll be picking out a bunch of our favourite tunes to perform on the night.


Thanks Culture as a Dare!


Thanks to Culture as a Dare.  Great to play the Fishermen’s Chapel at night.  Thank you to those that came.   Thank you very much to Emma who organised a really great night and is clearly a very good cook also.  Culture as a Dare do a show on Ship Full of Bombs also (link).  Emma’s band Rock Garden of Chanigarh (also featuring the legendary Lee Ashcroft) are performing in London on 19th September.  Looks like an amazing event from Colliding Lines.

The performers on last night’s bill were excellent.

The Doomed Bird of Providence perform 8th September at Fishermen’s Chapel

Cuture as a Dare presents The Doomed Bird of Providence, Marbles Jackson and Pancake Promises on 8th September at The Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea.  We are big fans of what Culture as a Dare do as gig promoters and are really pleased to be performing at one of their shows.  The Fisherman’s Chapel is an amazing venue also.  We plan, in the main, to perform work from the most recent album – Burrowed Into the Soft Sky.

Further details: