Out today on 10 to 1 Records – Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us


Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us is the new release from The Doomed Bird of Providence.  Covering the difficult journey Wladislaw Kluzek took across Europe after the invasion of Poland in 1939.  The EP title comes from his own words; recollections he had of this journey:

“I found myself serving my National service. The rumbling clouds of war hovering over us. Being an average 22 yr old I’d started to count the weeks towards the day the army would have me no more and I would return home, being young and free. “


A set of animations covering the journey can be watched on this playlist.


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Pre-order Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us by The Doomed Bird of Providence

Pre-order is up for the new Doomed Bird Ep Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us.
We aren’t in a position to send out CDs of the EP at the moment. We have a whole bunch of them that we will make available for sale further down the line.
All sales will go to Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to support their Coronavirus Crisis Appeal and ongoing work. I think if this release can help people who are in very difficult circumstances then that would make the whole venture worthwhile.
The EP is coming out on 10 to 1 Records which has been the main outlet for most of Simon Finn’s work for the last 15 years. The band’s ten year relationship with the mighty Front and Follow has finished as the label takes an extended break and transforms into a very interesting Radio/Library(!) called Gated Canal Community (https://www.gatedcanal.com/).
This EP was recorded almost entirely live at no recording studio in Southend-On-Sea by John Hannon. The studio recording was done on one (sunny) day late last year. John also mastered the EP and is available through lockdown for your mastering needs!
The recording features Mark Kluzek (me) on piano/accordion, Joolie Wood on violin, Katie English (Isnaj Dui) on flute/glockenspiel, Ian Hothersall on drums, Drew Barker on uke, Stafford Glover on bass and Richard Acton doing very textural guitar.
I am very happy with how it turned out. It explores the story of my Grandfather as he made his way across Europe during WWII. He came out of it ok in the end and it makes me hope that we will all be on the other side of this at some point.
Take care all!

Watch Part 4: But Something to Aim For

This is the final part of the Rumbling Clouds of War story which covers the journey of Władysław Kluzek as he moved across Europe.  He managed to survive the 1939 invasion of Poland only to be interned in a camp. After this he moved across Europe to find himself in France around May 1940 where he came under French command.  At this point he engaged in fighting again.  After this he was transferred to the United Kingdom and arrived late June 1940 at which point he came under British command.  It was in Scotland that he eventually met his future wife and emigrated to Australia to become a farmer.

This project was an exploration of my imaginings and research about my Grandfather.  He died many years ago.  He didn’t talk much about this time and as I did some research, I think it started to make sense as to why.  The story isn’t particular exceptional.  Lots of civilians and military people must have made their way across Europe during this time.  And most I suspect were subjected in some way to the horrors of war.  I know Władysław was.  So this is a reflection on what that must have felt like for him and all those others that made it through or didn’t.  There was, for my Grandfather, a life beyond World War II.  For many others there wasn’t.

I didn’t anticipate releasing this during a major global crisis but I also didn’t see any point in delaying it more than it had been already.  All I can think of is that we will all be on the other side of this at some point. I genuinely hope that you reading this are OK and that your loved ones are also.

Mark Kluzek

Watch Part 2 – You Never Became Used to Death

Part 2 of 4 animations looking at the journey of Władysław Kluzek  during WWII.

Germany invade Poland.  Władysław is caught with his regiment in Poland as it is invaded and faces the horrors of war. He escapes from an internment camp and moves towards Budapest.

The Doomed Bird of Providence EP -Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us

wk walking

What a time to release something. I hope you are all well and for those who have continued to follow/listen to the band I’d like to send out a very genuine thank you.

Stay safe!

The Doomed Bird of Providence will be releasing an EP (cd/digital) in about a month’s time. It is a real departure from the previous release (Burrowed Into the Soft Sky). It is based on the story of Władysław Kluzek, a Polish soldier who crossed across Europe through the harshest conditions during WWII. Władysław is Mark Kluzek’s Grandfather.

Preceding the release four animations depicting parts of Władysław’s story will be released weekly up until the release date. The first animation will come out Monday 23/3/20.

More news soon!


Doomed Bird News

Hi All, The Doomed Bird of Providence have a new release on the horizon. New direction, new label. All good! Watch this space.

GhostShips debut out today

‘Do yourself a favour’ and pick up the GhostShips debut here: https://michaelplater.bandcamp.com/album/ghostships

Two songs from Michael Plater and Mark from The Doomed Bird, bass from Staff Glover, violin from Angela Chan and percussion from Tony Millman. The whole thing was a bit of a cross-continent affair and as much as it won’t right a large sum of the wrongs in the world we believe it’s worthy of your attention – so give it a listen!