Watch Part 2 – You Never Became Used to Death

Part 2 of 4 animations looking at the journey of Władysław Kluzek  during WWII.

Germany invade Poland.  Władysław is caught with his regiment in Poland as it is invaded and faces the horrors of war. He escapes from an internment camp and moves towards Budapest.

The Doomed Bird of Providence EP -Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us

wk walking

What a time to release something. I hope you are all well and for those who have continued to follow/listen to the band I’d like to send out a very genuine thank you.

Stay safe!

The Doomed Bird of Providence will be releasing an EP (cd/digital) in about a month’s time. It is a real departure from the previous release (Burrowed Into the Soft Sky). It is based on the story of Władysław Kluzek, a Polish soldier who crossed across Europe through the harshest conditions during WWII. Władysław is Mark Kluzek’s Grandfather.

Preceding the release four animations depicting parts of Władysław’s story will be released weekly up until the release date. The first animation will come out Monday 23/3/20.

More news soon!


Doomed Bird News

Hi All, The Doomed Bird of Providence have a new release on the horizon. New direction, new label. All good! Watch this space.

GhostShips debut out today

‘Do yourself a favour’ and pick up the GhostShips debut here:

Two songs from Michael Plater and Mark from The Doomed Bird, bass from Staff Glover, violin from Angela Chan and percussion from Tony Millman. The whole thing was a bit of a cross-continent affair and as much as it won’t right a large sum of the wrongs in the world we believe it’s worthy of your attention – so give it a listen!

GhostShips 1.5.19

Ghostships is a collaboration between Michael Plater and members of The Doomed Bird of Providence.  It also includes contributions from Tony Millman and Angela Chan.  Released on Laily Recordings on May 1st 2019.  D/L only – it will be available to purchase here.  This is the debut release.  Two songs.  One written by Michael, the other by Mark Kluzek.


Thank you Ipswich

Thanks to everyone that came to the show at Ipswich. Wonderful event with both Polly Preacher and These are End Times doing outstanding sets. Really great audience. Thanks Jason from Antigen for putting us on the bill.

The Doomed Bird are currently developing some new pieces for a release. Again a departure from what’s been done before. Thanks to those who have continued to listen and support the band.

These Are End Times, The Doomed Bird of Providence & Polly Preacher in Ipswich 10/11


At this, our last show of the year, we play with two very fine acts – These Are End Times & Polly Preacher.  I have been told by Jason from Antigen that this show is likely to sell out so if you are thinking of coming along it is recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of the show.

The Doomed Bird will be playing both songs from our last album Burrowed Into the Soft Sky.

Saturday, November 10, 2018
8:00 PM  11:30 PM
The Smokehouse
6 South Street, Ipswich, IP1 3NU

The Smokehouse


Ipswich Gigs


Simon King

Photograph- Katja Heber (

I met Simon King numerous times when The Doomed Bird of Providence played at Club Integral nights.  He was always very encouraging and generous with his words about the band which I appreciated a lot.  I say without reservation that I wish I knew him better than I did.  He has passed away which is very sad news.  He was a very talented, inventive musician and played in a lot of great bands.  I saw a number of them at Club Integral nights including The Windsors which I took some footage of one night:

There is a justgiving page – donations going towards paying for his funeral.


We had a great time thanks.

Just finished playing at the Betsey Trotwood.  A really fun show with Doomed Bird Mark playing with Michael Plater (pictured),  Michael also playing some great new material, the Doomed Bird playing Fedicia Exine for the first time ever and Charlie Marshall putting on a sterling show.  Lot of heckling which was great.  Both Michael Plater and Charlie Marshall are off around Britain and Europe on divergent paths.  So check them out if they are in your town!



Thank you Betsey sound guy João. Awesome attention to detail.