Warren Ellis has something to say about the Doomed Bird.

Photograph by Ellen J Rogers

As in Warren Ellis the writer, not the violinist.

Some good words from the most recent edition of his Orbital Operations newsletter:

This instrumental album by The Doomed Bird Of Providence, currently on pre-order with one track up for free streaming, is fantastically ancient and evocative and landscape-devotional. And then percussion comes in and it gets stormy. The storm passes and the ground hisses.

And some other good words from discerning writers:

Sigil of Brass

This is The Doomed Bird Of Providence’s finest work yet – yet – I cannot bring myself to listen to the album for a good few days to come: it is barbarous, it is bloody, it is brutal. It is the work of a genius.

Aural Aggravation

As a work which wanders through a number of instrumental musical territories, Burrowed into the Soft Sky is interesting and rewarding.




Forced Exposure

Norman Records